2023 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 23-01 Budgeting and Appropriating Funds for FY2024

Ordinance 23-02 Approving a Contract with Mike Southworth

Ordinance 23-03 Temporarily Reducing Wholesale Water Rates

Ordinance 23-04 Amending Ordinance 23-03


Resolution 23-01 Contract with KAT Express for Brine Hauling

Resolution 23-02 Equipment Maintenance & Agreement with Watts Copy Systems Inc

Resolution 23-03 Approving a Water Billing Credit for New Berlin

Resolution 23-04 Approving Lease with Eighth & Vine LLC

Resolution 23-05 Approving a Contract with MECO Engineering regarding Well #11

Resolution 23-06 Approving a Contract with LRE Water regarding Well Field Assessment

Resolution 23-07 Accepting Bid of Brotcke Well & Pump

Resolution 23-08 Approving the Agreement with Chapman & Cutler LLP to Perform Continuing Disclosure Services

Resolution 23-09 Abating Annual Real Estate Tax for the Year 2023

Resolution 23-10 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2024