2013 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 13-01 Approving an Agreement with Mitchell Nein dba KAT Express

Ordinance 13-02 Ratifying a Purchase Order for Water Meters

Ordinance 13-03 Establishing a Prevailing Wage

Ordinance 13-04 Making Appropriation for the Fiscal Year Ending April 30 2013

Ordinance 13-05 Establishing Wholesale Water Rates

Ordinance 13-06 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Relating to an Operating Loan

Ordinance 13-07 Approving Termination of the Management Contract with Curran-Gardner Townships Public Water District

Ordinance 13-08 Creating the Employment Position of General Manager

Ordinance 13-09 Establishing Retail Water Rates

Ordinance 13-10 Approving a Grant of Easement for Ingress and Egress

Ordinance 13-11 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of New Berlin Illinois


Resolution 13-01 Abating the Direct Annual Real Estate Tax for the Year 2012

Resolution 13-02 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2014

Resolution 13-03 Abating the Direct Annual Real Estate Tax for the Year 2013