2021 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 21-01 Budgeting & Appropriating Funds

Ordinance 21-02 Amending & Increasing New Service Tap Fees

Ordinance 21-03 Approving a Lease with Eighth and Vine LLC

Ordinance 21-04 Authorizing Establishment of Surplus Account for Commission Funds


Resolution 21-01 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2021

Resolution 21-02 Approving Hach Service Partnership Quote

Resolution 21-03 Approving FBS Inc dba Warehams Alarm Agreement

Resolution 21-04 Approving Facilities Locating Marking Service Contract with USIC Locating Services

Resolution 21-05 Approving and Agreement with Crawford Murphy & Tilly Inc

Resolution 21-06 Approving & Accepting Bastert Farm Equipment Quote

Resolution 21-07 Approving & Accepting Proposal with Brotcke Pump

Resolution 21-08 Establishing Water Leak Adjustment Policy