2015 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 15-01 Approving a Contract with Claire A Manning

Ordinance 15-02 Pertaining to Public Records and Implementing the Freedom of Information Act

Ordinance 15-03 Approving a Proposal with Brotche Well Pump

Ordinance 15-04 Approving an Engagement Agreement for Legal Services

Ordinance 15-05 Approving an Operations and Maintenance Agreement with Woodard Curran

Ordinance 15-06 Approving Purchase and Renewal of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Ordinance 15-07 Budgeting and Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year 2016

Ordinance 15-08 Establishing a Prevailing Wage


Resolution 15-01 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2015

Resolution 15-02 Declaring Official Intent to Issue Bonds for Reimbursement of Capital Expenditures

Resolution 15-03 Approving a Proposal with Brotche Well Pump