2017 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 17-01 Establishing Wholesale Water Rates

Ordinance 17-02 Approving the Purchase of Commercial Insurance Coverage from Nicoud

Ordinance 17-03 Establishing Retail Water Rates

Ordinance 17-04 Amending and Increasing New Service Tap Fees

Ordinance 17-05 Establishing a Prevailing Wage

Ordinance 17-06 Budgeting and Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year May 1 2017 through April 30 2018


Resolution 17-02 Authorizing and Approving Electrical Supply Agreement with Constellation NewEnergy

Resolution 17-03 Authorizing and Approving Online Bank Transfers between Bank Accounts

Resolution 17-04 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2018

Resolution 17-05 Adopting a Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment

Resolution 17-06 Abating Real Estate Tax for Fiscal Year 2017