2018 Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinance 18-01 Approving and Accepting a Quotation with Clean Membranes Inc

Ordinance 18-02 Approving and Accepting a Bid from Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating

Ordinance 18-03 Establishing Wholesale Water Rates

Ordinance 18-04 Authorizing Borrowing Funds from Hickory Point Bank Trust

Ordinance 18-05 Approving Purchase of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Ordinance 18-06 Budgeting Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year May 1 2018 to April 30 2019

Ordinance 18-07 Establishing Retail Water Rates

Ordinance 18-08 Establishing a Prevailing Wage

Ordinance 18-09 Approving and Accepting a Bid from Henson Robinson Company

Ordinance 18-10 Approving a Lease with Eighth Street Partners

Ordinance 18-12 Creating the Employment Position of General Manager

Ordinance 18-13 Creating the Employment Position of Water Operator

Ordinance 18-14 Creating the Employment Position of Operations Assistant


Resolution 18-01 Approving the O M Agreement Extension with Woodard Curran

Resolution 18-03 Authorizing and Approving an Execution of Commercial Internet Banking Agreement

Resolution 18-04 Amending Its Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment

Resolution 18-05 Approving a Contract Agreement with Advanced Automation and Controls

Resolution 18-06 Abating the Direct Annual Real Estate Tax in the Amount of 2038000.00 for the Year 2018

Resolution 18-07 Establishing Regular Meeting Dates for 2019